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Mend the Gap

It’s all about timing, right? We think so and took some time, the quiet days between Xmas and New Year’s, to look back at the year we lived with you.

Our goal for 2015 was to make a dent in the experience of city trippers. A positive impact that is. We know that a trip in unknown territory is filled with tourist traps. You may have heard the famous warning at London’s Underground stations: “Mind the gap”. It features on a range of souvenirs, from t-shirts to mugs. And might actually prevent some serious injuries. We, rather than accept the consequences of inadequate design, set out to “Mend the gap”.

City travel is full of Tourist Traps

As a local, you’ve probably accepted the obstacles. You know how to circumvent the traps. And you have a lot of tools, so the gaps don’t bother you. To a visitor, a stranger in the city, every encounter is a first. He’s never seen a Pin machine, a OV Chip Kaart check-in pole, a Dutch Public Transport schedule. And that’s just the first twenty minutes in the country.

We took a long look, with virgin-eyes, and managed to make a visitor’s journey full circle: with connectivity, bringing beautiful museum and restaurant content, and enabling a smart and enriching experience. A great offering for tourists in cities, that’s easy and pleasant.

Everyone we spoke to, as well as a lot of travel experts are convinced that the seamless trip is upon us. From consumers to our partners, they actively want to participate. Now the challenge is how it will materialize.