Made in Amsterdam, tailored for you

  • The city: made for you

    When it comes to travel, one size doesn’t fit all. Combining your likes and GPS location, weCity uses a specially designed algorithm to deliver tailored travel tips and recommendations. You can spend less time researching, and more time taking in the town. weCity’s bespoke advice makes every trip an unforgettable experience – right down to booking tickets and making restaurant reservations. And because there’s nothing worse than burning up your roaming data limit just trying to get from A to B, we’re bundling FREE WiFi access, around the city, with our app so you can save money too.

  • Brought together by locals

    Because we love travelling ourselves, we know that the right recommendation can make or break your day - or even your entire stay. At weCity, our city secrets are all yours. Together with local guides, experts and partners who are passionate about the city they live in, we’ve curated the ultimate master list of food, fun, shopping and culture. When you create a weCity profile, and as we get to know you, we’ll start offering you a personalized travel experience wherever and whenever you need it. It’s like having the perfect host in your back pocket, or a concierge on call.

  • Travel made easy

    When we set out to create a unique smartphone travel app, we knew that we needed to create the most intuitive, well-designed user experience possible. So as much as we deliver recommendations just for you, we also designed the weCity experience for you too. weCity has an elegant interface in which simplicity rules, so you get just what you need, when and where you need it. Say goodbye to crumpled paper maps, complex guide books, bloated impersonal offline guides and hello to city adventure!

The team

  • Luc Deliance

    Luc Deliance

    Parisian-born, but now Amsterdam local, Luc is a successful marketeer, brand manager and advertiser with a background in the cultural sector. On a mission to transform city trips into intelligent journeys, Luc likes to create win-win situations in combination with city connoisseurship and superb travel experiences. Ask him about French wine and he'll never shut up.

  • David Kat

    David Kat

    A Dutch local if ever there was one, David's family has been living in Amsterdam since around 1650, but that doesn't mean he hasn't seen the world. David's done stints in online publishing in London and Paris, and has been an entrepreneur for over 10 years. Passionate about storytelling and bringing the city experience to life, David can tell you anything you need to know about the Dutch capital. And before you ask, no, he doesn't wear clogs.

  • Matthijs Collard and Rick le Roy

    Matthijs Collard and Rick le Roy

    Founders and designers at UNITiD, a leading Dutch design agency. UNITiD designs delightful digital experiences for a smarter world, and they believe in creating interfaces that are useful, easy to use and meaningful for people. They call it human-centred design. We call them pixel nerds.

  • Jonathan Bouma  and Jeroen Speekenbrink

    Jonathan Bouma and Jeroen Speekenbrink

    Trifork is a leading builder of high-quality custom applications and the power behind weCity. The team at Trifork provide expert advice on the optimization of business critical IT systems and cutting-edge technology; all of which is seamlessly integrated to bring immediate value. Trifork has a stellar track record as an incubator, including Elastic and Springsource, and we like them – a lot.

  • Martijn Barnas

    Martijn Barnas

    A serial founder with a background in growing start-ups, Martijn provides invaluable legal and strategic advice to the team weCity. We love his work and thankfully, he loves ours.

The partners

  • Canal Company

    Canal Company

    Canal Company is the market leader in canal cruises, one of the Netherlands' biggest tourist drawcards. With a fleet of around 150 vessels and over 1.5 million passengers a year, Canal is our launching partner, distribution channel and WiFi host, and they love showing guests Amsterdam from a watery perspective.

  • Ziggo


    Ziggo offers some of the best out-of-home WiFi coverage in town, and delivers the most advanced television, broadband, fixed telephony and wireless services to over 4.7 million households in the Netherlands. It’s also a subsidiary of European cable giant Liberty Global International, which is active in 8 European countries. So, they kind of ‘get’ online.

The blog

Mend the Gap

It’s all about timing, right? We think so and took some time, the quiet days between Xmas and New Year’s, to look back at the year we lived with you.

Our goal for 2015 was to make a dent in the experience of city trippers. A positive impact that is. We know that a trip in unknown territory is filled with tourist traps. You may have heard the famous warning at London’s Underground stations: “Mind the gap”. It features on a range of souvenirs, from t-shirts to mugs. And might actually prevent some serious injuries. We, rather than accept the consequences of inadequate design, set out to “Mend the gap”.

City travel is full of Tourist Traps

As a local, you’ve probably accepted the obstacles. You know how to circumvent the traps. And you have a lot of tools, so the gaps don’t bother you. To a visitor, a stranger in the city, every encounter is a first. He’s never seen a Pin machine, a OV Chip Kaart check-in pole, a Dutch Public Transport schedule. And that’s just the first twenty minutes in the country.

We took a long look, with virgin-eyes, and managed to make a visitor’s journey full circle: with connectivity, bringing beautiful museum and restaurant content, and enabling a smart and enriching experience. A great offering for tourists in cities, that’s easy and pleasant.

Everyone we spoke to, as well as a lot of travel experts are convinced that the seamless trip is upon us. From consumers to our partners, they actively want to participate. Now the challenge is how it will materialize.

Dataroaming set to remain in place

Today's sad news, for the European Traveller (yes, that's you too) is that the lobby of Southern European Telcos seems to have won the battle. They all but pushed Connected Continent off the cliff, that divides Smart from Online. Dataroaming, the use of mobile internet data while abroad is set to remain, Politico reports.

It's just a year ago that Neelie Kroes declared outrageous cost for using the internet while travelling a thing of a Dark Past. But she forgot to completely tie up the job, and now "These new proposals from the Council were rejected by all of the political groups present. We need to see more ambition from ministers during next week's Council meeting" as an MEP declared.

"The Council have been dragging their feet on roaming and net neutrality for far too long," said Ursula Pachl, director general of BEUC, a consumer advocacy. "Member states must be more responsive to the calls for more ambition coming from all sides…The question is will they listen or will they water down the good work already done?"

For now, travellers will have to continue to rely on Wi-Fi for their 'regular' mobile behavior, abroad, travelling unknown territory, when they most need on-line information.